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Broken Tech 30 – Various Artists

1 Lifecycle - Trueisms (Rennie Foster rmx)
2 - Weird
3 Muni Manuka - Sugar Bed
4 Michael Lovatt - Second Skin
5 Kawain - Return Loss
6 Lifecycle - Euphorics 101 (mutant bass rmx)
7 Muni Manuka - The Boss (El Presidente rmx)
8 Paul Blackford - The Weather Report
9 Wilhaeven - Everlasting
10 Lifecycle - Gluttonous Dub (NOWM rmx)

Digital release 20 Feb 2017

Ricochet Records PodCast
live monthly on Future Music FM

Two hours of fresh electronica once a month, broadcast live on (where it is also archived with tracklisting, waffle etc.) ... and available as a podcast via iTunes for your enjoyment as part of an active lifestyle

Muni Manuka – Platinum 551 Forever EP

Back to our broken-beat roots as we approach Ricochet's 10 year anniversary and 30th release, plus remix from the inimitable Spin Fidelity

Digital release 17 Oct 2016

Wilhaeven – Darkness Complete EP

Canada's Wilhaeven goes by many names ... Travino, Canada High, Night On Wish Mountain, Paul Anthony ... the list goes on ... far from disguises, they are a necessity for such a prolific producer. His first EP for Ricochet shows off his more left-field nature: delving deep into his racks of analogue synths, jazzy syncopated rides underpin lush pads, crunchy psychedelics and surprisingly funky bursts of sub

Digital release 16 May 2016

Muni Manuka – Digital Dignity EP

Freeform syncopated drum machine workouts from label boss Muni Manuka ... the dirty edges of which focused on by fellow Londonder Moocha, and an ambient reinterpretation from San Francisco's Dan Sherman kicks off 2016

Digital release 7 Mar 2016

Shinra – Nightglo EP

After remixing for Ricochet on RIC004 many moons ago, the ball of acidic electronica energy known as Shinra returns with three originals, following storming recent releases on Null & Void and Balkan Records. Remixes come from our man Travino and his multiple musical personalities high out in Canada

Digital release 14 Dec 2015